Still Pregnant! Yay!

My second blood test came back good. I was so nervous all day. I finally called the Dr’s office at 3:15 to ask when they usually get results back. As it so happened, they had my results handy. The were hoping to see hCG of 560 and I came back at 574. Awesome!

The next step is an ultrasound in 2 1/2 weeks. I am excited to see the baby at that time. I hope I can stand the wait!


Pregnant! Holy Crap!

So, sorry for the terribly long delay.  I just realized it has been almost two months since I last posted.  My hubby has been harassing me to post, and I realized I really needed to do so.

Since my last post, we took that month off after the miscarriage and tried on our own.  No dice.  We did go camping for the first time which was a lot of fun.  I then had to go on a business trip to PA.  I starting spotting right before camping, so I called the fertility clinic to get my meds so that whenever the day arrived, I would be ready.  We were going to do a clomid boost cycle again with the daily injections.

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I just realized it has been a week since I last updated.  I really don’t have a lot to add.  We are now just playing the waiting game.  I have started using daily OPK kits, but no positive yet.  I believe I am only on day 13, and I am not exactly sure when I normally ovulate.  I have done the trigger shot every month to force ovulation, so I don’t know what my body normally does on its own.  So, I will continue testing and see what happens.  How cool would it be if we managed to get pregnant on our own!?

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Well Deserved Break

After a few days of moping, I am feeling a little better.  I had another beta test today, and my levels are below 1.  At least I don’t have to worry about an ectopic pregnancy.  Dr. Blue called today and offered his condolences.  I thought that was really nice.  At this clinic, I barely see the Dr.  Most of the time we deal with the nurses, so I really did not expect to hear from him.  He was really great and understanding.

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Hubby and I went for my 2nd blood test today.  The nurse called at around noon.  My beta HCG had gone down to 5.5.  Definitely not pregnant.  Apparently I had a chemical pregnancy where the egg fertilizes, but does not attach.   I really hate this.  I told Hubby that maybe we were done, and I did not want to do this anymore.  I have since re-thought this.  I know I am not done yet, but I was so hoping that this would be the one.

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The nurse called and told me the beta HCG was “slightly positive”.  Huh?  What does that mean?

My beta is 13.4 and progesterone 37.6.  Now the progesterone is crazy high and looks really great.  The beta is really low.  My Dr. considers anything above 5 to be a positive result.  From what I was reading on the internet last night, most places say between 5-25 are possibly pregnant, but the numbers need to be watched to know for sure.  I have to go back on Sunday for another beta HCG test to see how the numbers have changed.  She said she was cautiously excited.  I asked if she had seen successful pregnancies with beta this low, and she said yes.  Hopefully she is not just lying through her teeth.

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After a terrible night of sleep, I got up and took another HPT.  I think it was negative, but there was a shadow of a line across the control line.  Thinking I may just be imagining things, I called Hubby in to look.  He saw it too.  Now what?

I decided to call the Dr. and ask if I could have a blood test just to know for sure.  I did not want to keep thinking about it all weekend, testing all the time.  Luckily, they were able to fit me in, and now I am just waiting for them to call me with the results.

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