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The nurse called and told me the beta HCG was “slightly positive”.  Huh?  What does that mean?

My beta is 13.4 and progesterone 37.6.  Now the progesterone is crazy high and looks really great.  The beta is really low.  My Dr. considers anything above 5 to be a positive result.  From what I was reading on the internet last night, most places say between 5-25 are possibly pregnant, but the numbers need to be watched to know for sure.  I have to go back on Sunday for another beta HCG test to see how the numbers have changed.  She said she was cautiously excited.  I asked if she had seen successful pregnancies with beta this low, and she said yes.  Hopefully she is not just lying through her teeth.

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I guess I should start with telling a little about myself and why I am starting this blog.

I am 33 years old and married to a wonderful man.  We celebrated our 11th anniversary recently.  I can hardly believe we have been married for that long!  I am an only child while he is one of 6.  Needless to say, our childhoods were completely different.  We met in college and married once we both had graduated.  All along we decided to wait to have children until I was 30 or so, so that we could take that time to grow together.  It was a wonderful 8 years until that magic birthday. . .which turned out not to be “the magic age” as I can’t actually seem to get pregnant, but more on that later.

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